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The Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) is a defensive asset used by any defending PMC in Acquisition and Domination. Each platoon gets one AAA to fend off airstrikes from an attacking PMC and it is usually located just behind the defending team's front line of bunkers in the middle. If an attacking squad leader or platoon leader calls in an airstrike while the defenders AAA is active, then the aircraft deploying the airstrike will be taken out before it has a chance to, making the AAA a very valuble defense.

However, the attackers can destroy the AAA by placing C4 Explosives onto the back of it. If the defenders can't defuse it in time, it will get destroyed. This will then allow the attacking team to call in air support and brings in a transport plane or helicopters as a forward spawn point for the attackers to get closer to the objective's in hand. Like any defensive asset however, it can be repaired by the defenders and brought back online.

AA Battery

Raven's AA shooting down an enemy bomber

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