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ATAC 2000
ATAC 2000



Reflex Sight
4x Optical Sight


30 x 6

Maximum Ammunition


Unlocked at level (Class)

2 (Assault Branch)

Cost in Skill Points


Reload Time


Rate of Fire






Fire Mode


Used by


The ATAC 2000 is a Tier 2 Assault Rifle of Raven. It is modeled after the FN F2000.


ATAC 2000

  • Accuracy: 4.67/8.0
  • Stability: 7.28/8.0
  • Damage: 3.56/8.0
  • Rate of Fire: 7.44/8.0
  • Special Equipment: Free 0c Foregrip.
  • Capacity: 30 'rounds in a Box Magazine. '180 'rounds in reserve.
  • Weight: 7C
  • Reload Time: Medium

Terrific up close, the ATAC 2000 has good accuracy and has admirable stability for a weapon of its class. It doesn't have great stopping power, but is still a great improvement over a standard, unmodified assault rifle.

The ATAC is the most accurate and stable assault rifle in the game, and it's stability and rate of fire are better than the other two factions' Tier Two assault rifles. However, damage is way below average. Players may also experience frequent ammo shortages due to the high rate of fire. An effective tactic when using this rifle is to fire in short bursts at the upper torso and head area, as the high rate of fire and good accuracy will take out enemies in a short amount of time; however, this will cause you to have a disadvantage against guns with a lot of ammo. The reflex sight attachment is recommended for this weapon, since the gun's iron sights are reportedly inaccurate.

Great game

Players have complained that bullets will impact above the point aimed through the iron sights.

MAG™ Screenshot37

A ATAC 2000 with a reflex sight and a suppressor

MAG™ Screenshot50 1

A modified ATAC 2000 with a reflex sight

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