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Boudini 12 Gauge
Boudini 12 Gauge



Reflex Sight


8 x 12

Maximum Ammunition


Unlocked at level (Class)

3 (Close Quarters)

Cost in Skill Points


Reload Time

Slow (Full Reload)

Rate of Fire



600cc (Pre-1.06)

Fire Mode


Used by


"A respectful entry in its class, the Boudini 12-gauge shotgun lacks credibility at distance but packs a brutal punch at close range."

General InformationEdit

Holds 8, 12-gauge shotgun shells/slugs.

The Raven shotgun makes up for its small magazine size with a fairly quick reload time and faster refire time. There is a noticeable drop in damage and accuracy when the target is more than 10m away. Very good shotgun although it takes time to master.

The Boudini 12-gauge shotgun will normally take out a light to medium armored opponent in 1 shot to the body and a heavily armored opponent in 2-3 shots to the body. As with all weapons a shot to the head will kill your opponent, with the Boudini 12-gauge shotgun 1 shot to the head will kill any opponent wether light, medium or heavily armored, so aiming for the head is advised as it will kill your enemy instantly.

It is advised to reload your shotgun as often as possible, even if your shotgun has 7 (out of 8) shots left, as reloading all 8 shots will take a long time. Whereas reloading a couple of shells will not take as long and it will keep your gun fully loaded, just in case one might need to take down multiple incoming enemies.

Make sure you do not fire this shotgun behind your teammates, as it could kill them (it will if they have light armor or are injured).

When fired the pellets will cover a cone shaped area, packing a huge punch close range.

This weapon is a close quarters weapon, although it will hit from a distance, it is best used in tight spaces when defending an objective or attacking large crowds close range.


  • It is modeled after the Benelli Nova.


MAG™ Screenshot563

A S.V.E.R player with an unmodified Boudini 12 gauge shotgun

MAG™ Screenshot19

An unmodified Boudini 12-gauge shotgun

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