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Bridges are structures that can be destroyed and repaired. They have the distinction of being the only structure in the game that the attackers want to keep alive and the defenders want to destroy.

The bridge is mainly used as a pathway for attacking vehicles and stolen transports (in Acquisition).

Planting ZoneEdit

The C4 planting zone for bridges is located in the center of the bridge.


Unlike the planting zone, a bridge can be repaired by using a Repair Kit (Gear) on any part of the bridge. There are usually objects at the ends of the bridge that allow a player to repair while remaining in relative cover.


Bridges are found in the following maps:

Elk Bay Logistics (Valor, Acquisition, 2nd Platoon)

Alyeska Terminus (Valor, Domination, 1st Platoon and 3rd Platoon)

Absheron Refinery (SVER, Domination, 2nd Platoon)


You can obtain the following awards with the interaction of this structure.


For all ribbons, see Ribbons.


For all medals, see Medals.
  • Marauder (Medal) - This medal is awarded for planting 500 explosive charges in your career.
  • Bomb Squad (Medal) - This medal is awarded for disarming 250 explosive charges in your career.

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