Each PMC wears a distinct set of colors as camouflage, and more variations are unlocked as you progress throughout the game. The individual camouflage types give no enhancing benefits, although some can provide (To some extent) naturally positive properties for blending in on the battlefield, depending on various factors.

Each factions armor blends well with their teams map. e.g. A Valor soldiers outfit will blend in well with the vegitation at Copper Hills Relay (a Valor map), just as a Raven soldier will blend in well with his teams environment at Darien Network (a Raven map) e.t.c.

It is generally harder to see any foe in shade, shrubs or grass (crouching or proning) regardless of camofauge. Although camoflauge does make it harder to see the wearer (to a certain extent, under certain factors).

Green camoflauge will obvoiusly blend in well with a green environment, as will blue camoflauge to a blue environment and sandy shaded camoflauge to a sandy shaded environment. Although certain camoflauges, for example solid black, will blend in reasonably well with any environment.

Stealthy players should also consider matching (or closely) accsessories to their worn camoflauge as it makes for greater stealth. Obviously a blue helmet won't match green camoflauge, in a green environment, making the player stand out against their environment and less stealthy.

Running or moving will make it easier for anyone to spot you, so slow movement is advised when sneaking around.

For more information on camoflauge visit:

Camouflage ListEdit

Raven CamoflaugeEdit

Raven Default Camoflauge

Raven Sky Camoflauge

Raven Midnight Camoflauge

Raven Smoke Camoflauge

Valor camoflaugeEdit

Valor Default Camoflauge

Urban—To be completed

Forest—To be completed

Valor Desert Camoflauge

S.V.E.R camoflaugeEdit

S.V.E.R Default Camoflauge

Dust—To be completed

Ruins—To be completed

Shadow—To be completed

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