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The Close Quarters Branch of the Skill Tree includes the SMG and Shotgun. All skills in this branch are classified commando.

Tier 1Edit

Close Quarters: Reload SpeedEdit

2 Skill Points, Commando, Passive Skill

This skill decreases the reload time for close quarters weapons.


3 Skill Points, Commando, Weapon, 400cc

This skill unlocks each factions respective SMG. Raven has the F90, Valor the KP5, and S.V.E.R. has the Vipera-2

Tier 2Edit

Close Quarters: Improved StabilityEdit

2 Skill Points, Commando, Passive Skill

This skill decreases the knockback for close quarters weapons, like shotguns and SMGs.

Close Quarters: Reflex SightEdit

2 Skill Points, Commando, Attachment, 100cc

This reflex sight uses advanced optic technology to enhance target acquisition and increase accuracy.

Slightly improves the accuracy of the SMG/Shotgun, a well as making it easier to see when aiming down the sight.

Tier 3Edit


5 Skill Points, Commando, Weapon, 600cc

This skill unlocks each factions respective shotgun. Raven has the Boundini 12 Gauge, Valor the 12 Gauge Pump and S.V.E.R. the T-195

SMG: SuppressorEdit

2 Skill Points, Commando, Accessory, 200cc

This small suppressor reduces the sound signature of its host weapon at the cost of some accuracy.

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