In the Shadow War, the PMCs fight to take control of all contracts. The Contracts are awarded or taken if certain requirements are fulfilled. As a player, earning/losing contracts isn't such a big deal, but you may want to fight for as many to make you PMC stand above the others.

How to gain new ContractsEdit

Each game mode (Sabotage, Acquisition, Domination, Interdiction)has its own set of 3 contracts from the major alliances, ETO originally for Raven, SIRSAT for S.V.E.R and UC for Valor. As you win games for your faction, the overall score bar for your PMC in the game mode increases a little. The overall score bar is next to the contract display at the bottom right of your screen. When the bar for any faction reaches the top, The Faction in first takes the contract of the faction in last. The Faction in second keeps their own contract.

After all this, the bars reset and it repeats.

Contract RestrictionsEdit

A lot of the time you will see in one game mode that a PMC has 2 contracts, but never all 3. In MAG, a PMC is not allowed to secure all 3 contracts at any given time. So, for example, if the Raven comes last and has 1 contract and SVER comes 1st holding 2 contracts, when S.V.E.R. fills the bar, S.V.E.R. gives Valor their contract back and takes Raven's


A contract rewards your PMC with bonus boosts. These are fairly minimal and are different for each game type.

Sabotage: +5% bonus exp (additional +5% bonus Exp if 2 contracts are held)

Acquisition: +5% leadership bonus range (additional +5% leadership bonus range if 2 contracts are held)

Interdiction: -5% tactical strike cooldown time (additional -5% tactical strike cooldown time if 2 contracts are held)

Domination: -5% strategic maneuvre cooldown time (additional -5% strategic maneuvre cooldown time if 2 contracts are held)

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