Button Action
L1 Scope/IronSights
L2 Cycle Gear
Up Arrow Chat Channel Select (Use L2/R2 to cycle), Variable Power Scope zoom in
Right Arrow Squad Requests (Use L2/R2 to cycle. R1 to select)
Left Arrow Command Abilities/Strikes (Use L2/R2 to cycle. R1 to use)
Down Arrow FRAGO Commands/Identity Target (R1 to select target), Variable Power Scope zoom out
Left Joystick Character Movement (Forward/Back; Strafe Left/Right)
L3 Sprint
Select Tactical Map (Tap); Squad on HUD (Hold)
Pause Pause Menu
Right Joystick Character Aim (Turn/Pitch)
R3 Knife Swipe
Square Reload
X Jump
O Action
Triangle Tap (Toggle Stand<->Crouch, Prone->Crouch); Hold (Toggle Stand->Crouch->Prone)
R2 Cycle Weapons
R1 Fire Weapon/Use Gear

  • Note: These are the default controls. Different presets are available in the options menu for the game.

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