Go on without me!::Final words of an Unknown Soldier.
Dead page (or Respawn page) is where the screen will take you after the player has been killed. This page has a count down timer for respawning and this time allows the player to switch their spawn point and/or change their weapons loadout. When a match is ending and a player is on this page, the player is unable to respawn due to the match ending. Players are able to spawn in multiple ways:

Spawn Points, APC, Bunkers.

If AA is down: Helicopter, Parachute.

All spawn points have a camera angle didplays the area from which you are spawning from. they are as follows:

APC-Slightly up and behind, pointing down at the apc

Bunker-Same as APC, only with a greater turning field

Helicopter-Same as APC, but with a smaller turning field, and more vertical

Parachute-Camera is in one place that follows the plane as it flies. If plane is not on battefield, camera points to where it comes from.

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