DLC Price: $9.99 USD

Release date: November 4, 2010.

Includes: Escalation (Game Mode), 3 new maps, 9 new guns, 3 new trophies, 4 new medals and 4 new ribbons.


Main article: Interdiction

DLC Price: $4.99 USD

Interdiction DLC on June 22 Includes: Interdiction (Game Mode), 3 faction neutral maps, Heavy Improved Armor, 3 new trophies, 4 new medals, and 4 new ribbons

Patch 1.06Edit

As of Patch 1.06, all download content that isn't a part of the Paid-DLC was made available for all players without the need for access to the PlayStation Store.


Below contains legacy information about the downloadable content before patch 1.06 was implemented.

This page contains a list of all of Zippers released download content for MAG and a description of what is in it.

Trooper PackEdit

The Trooper Pack was Zipper's first DLC pack for MAG. It was released to the PlayStation Store on March 25, 2010, however, it was not available until after your local PlayStation Store updated. In celebration of its release Zipper gave double experience points to all completed games from 1:00 AM PST March 25, 2010, to sometime March 28, 2010.


The Trooper Pack released an updated version of the default LMG. They cost the same to equip as the default LMG and have slightly different colourways.

It provides these upgraded stats:

  • Valor: Slightly higher fire rate and stability
  • Raven: Slightly higher fire rate and stability
  • S.V.E.R.: Slightly higher fire rate and stability.


There are two new camos trooper light, and trooper dark. Which resemble but are not entirely the same as 2 of each PMC already available Camo. List of the camos they resemble.

Trooper LightEdit
  • Valor: Forest Camouflage
  • Raven: Monochrome 'Leaf' pattern camo
  • S.V.E.R.: Dust Camouflage
Trooper DarkEdit
  • Valor: Urban Camos
  • Raven: Midnight Blue 'Leaf' pattern camo.
  • S.V.E.R.: Shadow Camouflage


Can otherwise be called flash grenades. A grenade thrown to flash/disorient all people in range, including teammates and the thrower. The length of the effect depends on the range the grenade hit the target.

Fast Attack PackEdit

Zipper Interactive released their new DLC on the 9th April. This DLC, named 'Fast Attack' includes 3 upgraded marksman rifles (1 for each PMC) and a new type of armour.

Marksman RiflesEdit

These rifles are upgraded variants of the 'Tier 1' sniper rifle. Along with a different colour scheme, each one has improved stopping power as well as a higher rate of fire, but comes at the cost of a bit of stability.

  • Valor: Higher Damage and Rate of Fire but less stability
  • SVER: Higher Damage and Rate of Fire but less stability
  • Raven: Higher Damage and Rate of Fire but less stability


Everybody also gets a new type of armor. Similar to the 'Enhanced Medium Armour', this armour is an improved version of the Light armor. It provides a little more protection without any speed reduction at all. It comes at the neat price of 400cc.

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