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The most frenetic MAG game mode yet, Escalation offers three brand-new faction-neutral maps with never-before-seen environments that pit a total of 96 players from all three PMCs against each other simultaneously. For the first time ever, Raven, Valor and SVER will be on a single map going after the same objectives at the same time
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Raven, S.V.E.R., and Valor chilling out at Silverback Ridge



There are three initial objectives when the game begins. Three stations are arranged in a triangle on the map, labelled A,B and C. The goal is for one PMC to hold two of the three letters down in unison. If a PMC achieves this the central station 'D' opens up, and the PMC which unlocked D has to defend it from the other two factions. The team that holds D gains points until D is lost to an opposing team. After D has fallen, the game returns to its initial state, with A,B and C stations neutral and the PMCs once again have to capture them.

This process repeats until one team has held D long enough to fill their point meter up. If the twenty minute timer expires and no one has filled their meter, then the game goes to the team with the most points.

Win conditionsEdit

MAJOR VICTORY: Your PMC comes 1st with 100% of the points bar filled before 20 minutes is up.

MINOR VICTORY: Your PMC comes 1st with up to 99% of the bar filled when the game ends.

MINOR DEFEAT: Your PMC comes 2nd to a rival PMC when the game ends.

MAJOR DEFEAT: Your PMC comes last to your rival 2 PMC's when the game ends.


Silverback Ridge

Radiant Barrens

Isla de Magma

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