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Reflex Sight


50 x 3

Maximum Ammunition


Unlocked at level (Class)

1 (Close Quarters)

Cost in Skill Points


Reload Time



600cc (Pre-1.06)

Fire Mode


Used by


The F90 is a Tier 1 Submachine Gun used by the PMC Raven. Its modeled after the FN P90


The deceptively small F90 has good accuracy for it's class and a high rate of fire, but it trades stopping power for armor penetration.



  • Accuracy: 3.33/8.0
  • Stability: 7.22/8.0
  • Damage: 3.16/8.0
  • Rate of Fire: 7.44/8.0
  • Capacity: 50 rounds in a Box Magazine. 150 rounds in reserve.
  • Reload Time: Fast

At first glance, adding a Reflex Sight to the F90 is pointless, as the F90 has a red dot sight by default. Yet bullet curve from the barrel will be noticeably reduced with the Reflex Sight; especially when equipping a Suppressor. The F90 was created to use a smaller/faster bullet caliber providing better penetration than the handgun rounds used in all Submachine Guns at the time; developed with the F57 handgun to use the same piercing rounds. Although the F90 is the least powerful primary Raven weapon, it is extraordinarily cheap and simple to use. It also has a low cc for it and it's attachments, as well as good fire rate and magazine size.

Although the F90 is not very powerful in terms of damage, it does make up for this loss in power for a large magazine capacity and fast rate of fire. The F90 will generally take down a well armored opponent in 10-15 rounds, a medium armored opponent in 8-10 and a lightly armored opponent in 5-10 (depending on their skill upgrades and your skill upgrades). In terms of accuracy the F90 can still hit an enemy at a considerable distance (though it might take a half a magazine, 25 rounds, due to some rounds missing the target) whilst in close quarters combat and medium distance combat the F90 preforms well as an SMG. For stability the F90 is very good regardless of standing, crouching or proning.

Attaching a supressor to the F90 reduces its accuracy. Attaching a red dot sight to the F90 increases its accuraccy. With a suppressor and a red dot sight, the modified F90's accuraccy is the same as the default F90 without attachments (red dot sight and suppressor).


  • Sights (Increase Weapon Accuracy)
  • Firepoint
    • Small Suppressor .............2cc (Undetected by sensors when firing, but decreases accuracy.)
  • Underbarrel
    • NONE



  • The F90's real life counter part is the FN P90.

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