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Field Support operators are the most specialized position in a any Combat team. Required to have extensive cross training in medical skills, engineering, explosives, and electronic concealment techniques, the Field Support mission is the key combat multiplier at the squad level. Successful candidates will have perfect scores in at least 5 technical and medical specialties.

General UsesEdit

Most Field Support soldiers will be either mechanics (repairing gate/bunkers) or medics (reviving teammates or just healing them in general). Field supports generally do not run out into combat, unless they are a "danger medic" also known as an "assault medic" or a "hazard engineer". Field support are invaluable when playing interdiction because of the emphasis on vehicular combat. Try to have at least two field supports in your squad so they can revive you, your squadmates and each other constantly. KEEP THESE GUYS ALIVE, they will help you last longer, alive, in the game.


The following skills are considered Field Support:

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