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Flashbang Grenade

These grenades generate a blinding phosphorous flash and a short, deafening bang once the standard fuse expires. The Flashbang Grenade (like any other Grenade) can be equipped in the Primary, Secondary, or Heavy gear slots. If an enemy affected by your flashbang is killed by a teammate, you are credited with an assist and will receive 3XP plus any FRAGO bonus.

  • Cost: 500cc
  • Ammo: 2
  • Damage: 0 HP
  • Effect: Blind and disorient targets caught in the blast radius with varying degrees of effect for 1 to 4 seconds. Screen white-out and temporary acoustic overload return to normal over the duration of the effect.

Note: These grenades are part of the Trooper Pack DLC and do not require anything on the skill tree to unlock.


When using a flashbang, it is wise to throw it at a place where many enemies will probably be, for example a Gas Pump Station or a spawn point (after spawning). Flashbangs disorientate the affected and, like Poison Gas Grenades, make effective combat extremely hard, giving you a good opportunity to get some easy kills. Remember to look away from the flashbang after you throw it as it will blind and defen you too.

Since the recent release, many people have been 'noobing' (heavily using) them. So if you see the grenade indicator on your screen, as well as running away from it, try to face away from it as well in case it's a flashbang (since flashbangs are ineffective to those facing away).

It is best to turn away from your flashbang when you throw it in an open space as the effects of the grenade affect you too.

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