"Friendly Fire isn't." - Unattributed military quote.

"When the Germans fire, the English duck. When the English fire, the Germans duck. When the Americans fire, everyone ducks." - World War II joke (Now less applicable).

Friendly FireEdit

The term Friendly Fire (sometimes called Blue on Blue) is something of a misnomer and refers to being shot by a member of your own side. This tends to lead to unfortunate consequences, the least of which are often annoyed shouts and warnings to others but more often the person who instigated the "Friendly Fire" incident finds him/herself being kicked from the Squad.

In the game MAG, killing one of your own team-mates (intentionally or otherwise) leads to a penalty of five points. In addition, should you kill a certain number of team-mates (possibly through an excess of reckless and undirected entheusiasm), you will be automatically kicked from the Squad without the need for a vote.

Avoiding Friendly Fire IncidentsEdit

The first rule of avoiding a Friendly Fire event is simple, keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are actually about to come into contact with the enemy. Many cases of Friendly Fire happen at the Spawn Point, where someone has already pressed the trigger and so materialises blazing away with no regard for others. Real smart.

The third rule is to check your aim. If your allies and enemies are crowded together, hosing the area with bullets is probably not the best thing to do. You may kill the enemies that way, but your allies will be... rather annoyed.

Finally, if setting up in a defensive position or preparing to soften up an area for an assault, tell your team-mates what you are doing so that they can get out of the way. You will need a microphone for this, so get one. It will also help you apologise if you accidently kill an ally.

Using Friendly FireEdit

One of the best (and most satisfying) ways to destroy the enemy is to manipulate things so that they end up shooting each other. This can range from a distraction-strike into the middle of their advancing line to a Stealth-capable saboteur shooting at a small group while being between them and a larger group, then escaping as the bullets fly past. Although it doesn't earn any points, the feeling of superiority pulling off such a difficult tactic produces often makes up for the lack of advancing through the ranks.

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