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The Gotha Elite is Raven's new Assault Rifle and is now usable in MAG, with the purchase of the Escalation DLC. It is modeled after the DSA SA-58 OSW.

Gotha Elite

The Gotha is (stat chart wise) more accurate than the Hollis A3 and contains more ammo per magazine. It appears to have the same iron sights and damage as the Hollis. Accuracy is increased compared to the Hollis while stability is decreased by the same amount (stat chart wise)

The Gotha Elite

Gameplay wise the gotha feels similar to the atac except with a larger clip allowing you to take out that fourth man. The elite also has a bit of a kick to it but can be fixed by crouching to take out long range foes or by using a foregrip. An above average gun overall it really only suffers from what almost all raven guns mutually share: random bullet spray, however this only impaires it long range capabilities and can still be used in CQC quite effectively by aiming for the head.

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