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Interdiction is a new game mode that was unleashed on June 22. It came with three new neutral maps calles Iron Creek Quarry(Valor territory), Sovot Motorway(S.V.E.R territory), and Lake Bayano Spur(Raven territory). Even though the new maps are neutral they are in PMC controlled territory. The objective of the game is to control three neutral points in the map. There are 16 APC's meaning each squad is given their own vehicle. There are 128 players in total so 64 on each side, and each side also gets their own mortar battery like in Acquisition. Holding the points will give your team points and deplete enemy points. This game mode lasts 20 minutes. This game mode is unlike normal MAG gameplay as there is no set territory, no set frontline, and chaos in every direction.

The survey on the official MAG blog shows that 85% of people that downloaded the DLC have had a positive response

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