Light Infantry are the average soldier who takes parts of every class. They normally carry light weapons (shotgun, SMG, AR) but can carry the tier one LMG but that is less common. There goal is to run to the front line and take out enemies at medium- short range and secure several objectives, so basically average soldier work. They weapon is normally loaded with attachments to compensate for the fact that is a light weapon. They can carry any type of armor except heavy armor as it will slow them down and take away their much need weight.


They must always have a medical kit to revive allies, as it is wise to attack in groups of 3-4 light infantry. They usually carry a grenade, any type except poison. AP mines are optional but they may take up to much weight.


  • Riflemen- They carry accurate weapons that can take out enemies from med- long range. They can pair with snipers, as they kill everyone in the area at long range before assaulting the objective. They should have the tier two AR or the tier one sniper with a 4x scope.
  • Assault Light Infantry- They should try to use advanced medium armor as they are the first in, they should use the tier one LMG or the tier three AR. They are loaded with grenades, especially smoke, and should have explosive and athletic skills. They are useful for suppressing fire while the faster infantry secure the objectives.
  • Grenadier- They have a tier one AR equipped with a grenade launcher. It is NOT advised you get the advanced grenade skill as the farther grenade may be troublesome for a almost entirely close range soldier. They should have and SMG or a shotgun to give more room for grenades.
  • Rush Infantry- They can usually pair with commandos as their goal is to get past enemy lines and create an opening for commandos and sometimes for themselves. They can have any loadout they want but it is highly recommended they have shotguns.
  • Breach Infantry- They are close- medium range infantry who try to secure smaller objectives. It is advised they are in groups of 3- 4 as the defense will destroy solo breachers quickly. They are the most useful in sabotage matches as they secure A, B, and clear the way for C. They should have shotguns or tier one LMGs which they will hipfire. In Acquisition, they will try to destroy assets, and in Domination they will secure the final objectives. Advanced explosive skills are advised as they might have to complete the objectives themselves sometimes.

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