MAG Trial is the demo for the FPS MMO shooter for the PlayStation 3 developed by Zipper Interactive.

In the demo the level caps at 8, the player can only use a teir one sniper rifle, light machine gun, assault rifle, personal defense weapon (pistol), a shotgun (market) and a SMG (market). The player is also restricted to a small bipod (market) as an attachment and a frag grenade and smoke grenade. The player cannot buy any additional armors. Since there is no level restriction the player can choose any camouflage, helmets and facial accessories in the market with earned cc. The player can create and join clans and play in suppression, sabotage and domination.

It is best to play the demo before buying the full game. However when the full game is purchased earned xp will level your character up. When you reach the level cap of 8, the level bar will show what level you would be if you purchased MAG in brackets. E.g 8(10) shows you are level 8 but would be 10 if you purchased MAG.

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