Each factions armor blends well with their teams map. e.g. A Valor soldiers outfit will blend in well with the vegitation at Copper Hills Relay (a Valor map), just as a Raven soldier will blend in well with his teams environment at Darien Network (a Raven map) e.t.c.


Game Type Map Name Map Other
Suppression Raven Suppression Raven suppression
Sabotage Darien Network Raven sabo darien network Sabotage-Raven
Acquisition Corvus Research Raven aqui corvus research Acquisition-Raven Acquisition RAVEN Base Map
Interdiction Lake Bayano Spur
Domination Flores Basin Transfer Raven dom flores basin transfer Domination-Raven


Game Type Map Name Map Other
Suppression S.V.E.R Suppression Sver supression
Sabotage Syr Darya Uplink Sver sabo syr daria uplink Sabotage-SVER
Acquisition Aralkum Mechanical Sver aqui aralkum mechanical Acquisition-SVER SVER BASE MAP PSF LOGO
Interdiction Sovot Motorway
Domination Absheron Refinery Sver dom absheron refinery Domination-SVER Sdommapheatmap Sdommapkillmap


Game Type Map Name Map Other
Suppression Valor Suppression Valor supression
Sabotage Copper Hills Relay Valor sabo copper hills relay Sabotage-Valor Valor Sabotage final VALOR SABOTAGE
Acquisition Elk Bay Logistics Valor aqui elk bay logistics Acquisition-Valor Acquisition VALOR Base Map PSF
Interdiction Iron Creek Quarry
Domination Alyeska Terminus Valor dom alyeska terminus Domination-Valor

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