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The tier 2 MMG's cost 5 skill point to unlock and are in the third tier for Heavy. They have much higher damage but at the cost of Accuracy, Stability and Rate of Fire. MMG's are far more effective at taking down bunker turrets and light vehicles, when in comparison to their lighter brethren.

Medium Machine Gun Comparison Charts File:Heavymachinegun.pngEdit

Mg tier2 pmc
Name Faction Weight Accuracy Stability Damage Rate Of Fire Capacity
KP45 MG Raven 8c 3.33 6.75 4.61 6.5 100
PSK MG S.V.E.R 8c 3.31 6.53 4.77 5.92 100
MK43 Mod1 Valor 8c 3.28 6.73 4.63 6.23 100

Faction Tier 2 Medium Machine GunEdit

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