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When an enemy comes into close proximity, or if your weapon/side-arm is out of ammo, you can try and strike your foe with your knife.

It is usually used as a last resort as there are a few downsides linked to using it -

  • The time between slashes can leave you open for attack.
  • It takes two slashes to the chest to kill an opponent with heavy armor and full health.
  • Missing wastes vital time.

*Note that there are perks that you can aquire to give you a more promising outcome with your knife.Edit

Although the downsides look bad, there are a few upsides to using your knife -

  • Stealth - you will not appear on the minimap as no gunshots were used.
  • A well timed slash to the back can kill in one go.
  • It's possible to silently kill attacking soldiers from behind enemy lines.

It is not a recommended tactic to purposely kill with the knife, when such tier 3 weapons can do the same with great ease, and from a further distance.

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