The Millennium Accord, also known as the Millenium Peace Accords is a key moment in the history leading up to the events of the Shadow War in MAG. Signed into International Law primarily by the 3 Alliances; SIRSAT, ETO, and UC. It is signed 1 year before the start of the Shadow War


As the countries around the world began forming new national and military alliances, combined with Food and Fuel shortages, as well as economic collapse, tensions began to build.

Soon, fears of a possible World War III began to mount. Support for foreign conflicts were at an all time low for various reasons. And few of the nations could operate their militaries due to rising cost.

Finally, in 2024, the 3 Alliances: SIRSAT, ETO, and UC, signed the Millennium Accord into International law. With it, the world soon experienced new hopes for peace

Effects of the AccordsEdit

The Millennium Accord places severe restrictions on Troop Deployments, and standard force sizes. This essentially prevents a nation from deploying military troops in another Accord member state, or restricted area, unless they violate the accord.

However, PMCs are overall not affected by the Accord, because they are officially not soldiers of a nation, but rather an international corporation. Because of this, a nation can still enlist the aid of a PMC to assist with peace keeping efforts.

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