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Mortar Battery

Raven's mortar battery launching a strike.

The Mortar Battery is a defensive asset located in the back corner of each defending platoon's area during Acquisition and Domination. During Interdiction both PMCs get one mortar battery each. Three types of mortar strikes are available:

Name of Strike Who can use it Description
Cluster Bomb Squad Leader Launches 10 anti-personnel shells in sequence, good for clearing an area of enemies, but useless against vehicles.
Mortar Barrage Squad Leader Launches anti-vehicle sensor shells, good for killing parked APCs or helicopters and any people sitting inside them. (Despite the word "sensor" in the name, this strike has nothing at all to do with the Sensor Array.)
Gas Bombardment Platoon Leader Launches a cluster of gas shells, releasing toxic gas in a large area. Good for killing or smoking out everybody in the target zone.

Each strike can be called in at any time while the mortar battery is operational, but two cooldown penalties restrict how frequently the strikes can be used:

  • The Individual Cooldown timer (long) starts when a leader calls in a strike and applies only to him; he will be unable to call in another strike until the timer reaches zero.
  • The Global Cooldown timer (short) starts when a leader calls in a strike but applies to all leaders sharing that mortar battery; no other leader in the platoon (not even the Platoon Leader) will be able to call in a strike until the mortar battery "reloads".

Like every asset in MAG, the Mortar Battery can be destroyed by enemy C4 charges or by an enemy Precision Airstrike, but friendly repair kits can be used to restore it to working order.

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