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The motor pool is a defensive structure used by any defending PMC in a game of Acquisition or Domination.

In either game, the defenders will get four motor pools to use, each one of them spawns two LAV's each (Light Armoured Vehicle's) totalling up to eight and are usually located towards the back of the defenders area.

The vehicles are normally not used until further into battle because of defensive roadblocks blocking their pathways in certain areas. However if the front line of Bunkers, Gates, Roadblocks or the Anti Aircraft Artillery is destroyed, they are great for getting to these assets quickly for repairs.

Planting ZoneEdit

The C4 planting zone for the Motor Pools are located on the side where the tanks are.

Destruction / RepairEdit

C4 can be used by the attacking team to bring down the motor pools. Once destroyed the explosion will also destroy any vehicles parked inside it, including any APCs that may be there as well. Of course, it can be repaired as well by anyone with a Repair Kit (Gear), and once repaired, it will respawn the destroyed vehicles straight away. If there are any vehicles that are still active but on the battle field, a new vehicle will not spawn until they have been destroyed.


While there are no direct awards for the destruction or repair of the actual motor pool, you can obtain the following awards with the interaction of this structure.


For all ribbons, see Ribbons.


For all medals, see Medals.
  • Marauder (Medal) - This medal is awarded for planting 500 explosive charges in your career.
  • Bomb Squad (Medal) - This medal is awarded for disarming 250 explosive charges in your career.

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