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Solid CamoflaugeEdit

Solid smoke camoflauge is completely brown with no patterns.

MAG™ Screenshot180

Smoke solid camoflauge on light armor

MAG™ Screenshot147

Smoke solid camoflauge on meium armor

MAG™ Screenshot163

Smoke solid camoflauge on heavy armor

Digital CamoflaugeEdit

Smoke digital camoflauge consists of a digital pattern with shades of black, dark brown and brown.

MAG™ Screenshot181

Smoke digital camoflauge on light armor

MAG™ Screenshot148

Smoke digital camofaluge on medium armor

MAG™ Screenshot164

Smoke digital camoflauge on heavy armor

Camoflauge PatternEdit

Smoke camoflauge pattern consists of a traditional camoflauge pattern with shades of black, dark brown and brown.

MAG™ Screenshot182

Smoke camoflauge pattern on light armor

MAG™ Screenshot149

Smoke camoflauge pattern on medium armor

MAG™ Screenshot165

Smoke camoflauge pattern on heavy armor

Matrix CamoflaugeEdit

Smoke matrix camoflauge consists of shades of black, dark brown and brown in a connected honeycomb pattern.

MAG™ Screenshot185

Smoke matrix camoflauge on light armor

MAG™ Screenshot152

Smoke matrix camoflauge on medium armor

MAG™ Screenshot168

Smoke matrix camoflauge on heavy armor

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