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All info is compiled by averaging 3 reloads. As such, the info isn't 100% correct

Raven Edit

Without Improved ReloadEdit

Hollis A3: 3.1 seconds

Atac 2000: 2.3 seconds

R-553: 3.3 seconds

Grenade Launcher: 2.7 seconds

Apex 100: 4.1 seconds

KP45 MG: 5.1 seconds

F90: 3.0 seconds

Boudini(All 5 shells): 4.0 seconds

F57: 1.9 seconds

H M 90: 3.6 seconds

Janas SWS: 3.8 seconds

AM50: 3.9 seconds

RPG: 4.0 seconds

With Improved ReloadEdit

Hollis A3: 2.4 seconds

Atac 2000: 2.0 seconds

R-553: 2.5 seconds

Grenade Launcher: 2.1 seconds

Apex 100: 3.1 seconds

KP45 MG: 4 seconds

F90: 2.1 seconds

Boudini(All 5 shells): 3.0 seconds

F57: 1.4 seconds

KP7(PDW's can only be used with Imp Reload): 1.5 seconds

H M 90: 2.6 seconds

Janas SWS: 3.1 seconds

AM50: 3.3 seconds

RPG: 3.1 seconds

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