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Main article: Awards
Grim Reaper
Kill 35 enemies
Purple Heart
30 deaths
52px Mr. Badwrench
destroy 5 vehicles
52px Butterfingers
2 suicides
52px Bunker Buster
destroy 2 bunkers
Gold Field Engineer
repair 2 bunkers
Silver Field Engineer
repair 1 bridge
52px Wrecking Crew
destroy 3 road blocks
Bronze Field Engineer
repair 2 road blocks
52px Party Crasher
destroy 3 gates
52px Gate Keeper
repair 2 gates
52px Mortar Demolition
destroy 2 mortar batteries
52px Mortar Support
repair 2 mortar batteries
52px Total Blackout
destroy 2 sensor arrays
  • Network Support repair 2 sensor arrays
  • Marauder plant 3 explosive charges
  • Bomb Squad disarm 3 explosive charges
  • Master Engineer repair 250 units of damage
  • Silver Cross heal 250 units of damage
  • Purple Sidekick 15 assists
  • Longshot 3 kills over 120m
  • Silver Bullet kill 10 enemies with headshots
  • Golden Cross revive 15 allies
  • Combat Mechanic repair 2 vehicles
  • AAA Demolition destroy 1 anti-aircraft battery
  • AAA Support repair 1 anti-aircraft battery
  • Combat Assault kill 25 enemies with an AR
  • Combat Fragger kill 10 enemies with hand grenades
  • Combat Melee kill 15 enemies w a knife
  • Combat Machine Gun kill 25 enemies with an LMG
  • Miner's 10 mines placed
  • Combat Launcher kill 5 enemies with a rocket launcher
  • Combat Shotgun kill 25 enemies with a shotgun
  • Combat Sidearm kill 10 enemies with a sidearm
  • Combat Sniper kill 25 enemies with a sniper
  • Combat SMG kill 25 enemies with a smg
  • Armchair General kill 30 enemies with a turret
  • Rocket Man kill 3 enemies with a bunker turret rocket
  • Road Rage run down 5 enemies
  • Screaming Eagle 15 parachutes
  • Jump Start capture 2 points in Interdiction
  • Mowing the Grass 10 kills with a vehicle turret
  • Dashed Hopes 2 mines w/ gunfire
  • Cannonball Ralley MVP (1,2,or 3) in Interdiction

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