SVER Soundtrack

Cover Art for the S.V.E.R. Soundtrack

The S.V.E.R. soundtrack was created by metal band Apocalyptica and was released on iTunes on January 26, 2010. The soundtrack features ten songs.

Track listingEdit

Number Title Length
1 "The Crushing Heel of Tyranny" 2:32
2 "Two Hundred Fifty Six" 2:13
3 "S.V.E.R. Shadow War" 1:56
4 "The Fire Within" 2:02
5 "S.V.E.R. Global Conflict" 4:07
6 "Incision" 2:13
7 "Survival and Rebellion" 2:14
8 "Overkill" 2:07
9 "All That Remains" 2:23
10 "A New Dawn" 5:13

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