If you are a dedicated sniper I suggest you get either a tier 1 or tier 2 rifle with a bipod and a suppressor. This is a good loadout if you are covering a key area. You can also run and gun with it if you need to.

Tier 1 sniper loadoutEdit

Tier 1 sniper rifle- It's quick, accurate, and easy to work with

Bipod- stabilizes the aim (absolutely no barrel wander and reduced recoil)

Suppressor- Makes it harder to detect where you are

The Lightest Armour- Not that much protection but if you are a good sniper, mobility is far more important than protection alone

AP (Anti-Personnel) Mines- Place between access points to stop those nasty knifers while you are aiming

These are the key tools to effective sniping. Using this loadout alone I earned my combat sniper ribbon 7 times in one day.

Plus you get a 100 rounds and it usually take 3 body shots to take down even the most heavily armored guys so with a 100 rounds and 3 per target you will get at least 33 kills. that's only if you are a good sniper and can last that long.

This articule was for raven players. other pmc's can use it as well.

Tier 'Hardcore' IdealEdit

Tier 2 sniper rifle- 1 shot kill above torso (2 or more for heavier armoured enemies) and has a decent Rate of Fire

Bipod- stabilizes aim nearly to perfection

Variable Scope- Makes effective long-range sniping a breeze (Zoom out to find target and notice nearby movement; Zoom in onto target for easy kill)

Light Armour- Like above

Med Kit + AP Mines- You WILL need tons of health and access points sealed off from enemies

With Tier 2+ Rifles, the suppressor reduces accuracy by a noticeable, and very frustrating, amount. Sacrificing this attachment will provide better accuracy, more space for gear; much more valuable than stealth.

The Tier 3 rifle can replace the T2. The T3 is very powerful, a one-shot kill anywhere (torso and above for heavier armour). If you are a good sniper and use the bipod a lot then the amount of recoil and barrel wander from shoulder firing would not be a problem at all. Its accuracy is top-notch and you'll be guaranteed a decent number of kills with it alone.

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