Elite Shock Trooper


These ferocious and resourceful special forces are among the most respected and well-rounded units. With a characterizing lean and mean outfit, Spec Ops focus on speed and efficiency, operating with minimalistic and lightweight gear to generate maximum effect. This also makes them highly flexible and capable of deployment in a wide range of missions. This is reflected in their operational training. Spec Ops train in every possible condition and are ready to operate completely independent of support units.

Weapons: Submachine-gun, Tier-2 Assault Rifle, Tactical Machine Pistol or Handgun, Grenades and Knives. Other explosives recommended.

Armour: Light-Armour or Enhanced Light-Armour.

Skills: All Athleticism skills, All Electronics skills, Advanced Grenades, Advanced Explosives, Reload-Speed, Improved Stability, Resuscitate, Steady-Aim, Swap-Speed, Refire-Time, Improved Swipe Speed and Expanded Reach.

Equipment/Attachments: Reflex-Sight or 4x Optical Scope, Fore-Grip, Poison Gas-Grenade, Medkit and Suppressers for all weapons.

Spec-Ops should always be split into four-men Teams, each Team should have a medic and explosives-expert.

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