The Tamsen MK2 is an Assault Rifle for the SVER PMC that is obtained by purchasing the Escalation DLC Pack and for 6500 CP. This weapon is overall an impressive weapon with a stunning 45 round magazine, high rate of fire, and above average damage. The only draw back is the Stability isn't as well as other SVER weapons, although this can be counter-acted with a foregrip(1800 CP). As the game states:

SVER's Tamsen MK2 is a battle-proven weapon with a higher magazine capacity and a slight decrease in stability compared to other SVER Assault Rifles.

The Tamsen's recoil can be used to an advantage, as it can be fired at the body but after a few shots it bounces up to the head from the recoil.

It is modeled after the Daewoo K2.

A picture of the gun can be found at this link: Tamsen MK2 Picture

MAG™ Screenshot17p2

A modified Tamsen MK2 with a grenade launcher and a reflex sight

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