Team killing is a very simple concept, it's shooting, stabbing, airstriking, gassing, or exploding your team mates until they die.

For every team kill the player loses 5 points.

It is often called Friendly Fire.


After a player teamkills too much, and in the wrong places, he is auto-kicked from the game. The exact method for determining a teamkiller is unknown, but is probably determined by the number of kills, speed of the kills, type of kills, and location of kills.

Airstrikes and C4 explosions do not count towards teamkill autokicking. Explosives such as grenades may not count either.

Kicking Team KillersEdit

Whenever someone starts team killing, be it once, or ten times, it is necessary that they are kicked as fast as possible to not furthermore hinder the team's performance. It might be difficult to get another squad to start a Vote To Kick on them, but you may be able to use local chat to talk to the other squad.

Generally rallying people and telling them to kick the person using a mic works the best.

Note: Occasionally a wrong button is pressed or things get a little foggy when the battle gets heated. One Team Kill is normally acceptable if it was an accident. If you do put a teamate down, immediately revive them (if you have resuscitation) and then apologize via mic. Unless the team is very impatient or you have a history of team killing, you will normally not be kicked for a first offense.

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