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This is a list of things that NEED to be improved to help make your PMC win.


  • If you see there is someone behind you, don't run into their line of fire!

  • If you see that a target has a bomb planted on it, get to cover.

  • Quality before quantity! Make sure the person your shooting is the enemy, stay calm!

  • Don't be a health addict. Having less than 80 health is bad, but anything above that is workable, shoot the enemy first.

  • Finish off your enemies. It's not being a jerk, it's making sure they won't be revived by their own team. (Plus you get the Angle of Mercy trophy!)

  • Use that medical kit. Reviving teamates to keep them in the frontlines.

  • Get a mic! You should only be squad leader if you have a mic.

  • Keep up the fight! Talk stuff about other PMCs keep the rivalry going

  • Even if the parachute or helicopter is available, run by the bunkers every once and awhile to make sure they aren't being repaired.

  • Timing! If in Domination, don't rush into a control point by yourself. Wait for a group to go with!

  • If you are attacking, and see your target being taken, push forward! That could be your only chance for victory.

  • Make sure you know your battleground! There is always more than one entrance to an objective!

  • If you are a squad or a platoon leader make absolutely sure you know how all your different commands work!

  • Be a team player! Getting kills isn't the first priority, taking the objective is. So if you team is pushing to the take the objective, and this might be your only chance to win, don't stay back and get kills!

Help make MAG a better experience!

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