the people who say mag is bad are either raw because they hate to admit that there xbox won't play it or they have a game that is almost as stunning as the 256 player battles of mag. the others who say it is bad are the noobs or people who give up on the first hour of gameplay. I believe M.A.G. is the only game that lets players customize there field of expertise for online play (the items and skills they have in battle, like the combination of a med kit grenades assault rifle submachine gun, and so on) so you could be a medic, an assault medic, a guard medic and other variation classes. mag also has 3 types of every weapon class; so there are three levels of sniper rifles each with different stats and a different style of that weapon for each faction. so basicly there is 9 variations of every weapon class with the exception of special weapons like the pistol, knife shotgun, submachine guns(2 types of smgs). there are 10 playable maps in every faction with a total of 12 maps how ever they would most likely come out with downloadable maps. the first map is one where you face your own faction in a sort of training exercise 32 against 32-this alone is groundbreaking. second type of battle including 3 maps is called sabotage where one side defends until the attackers gain and hold two objectives at the same time and deliver the final attack. the third type of battle is called acquisition where the attackers commandeer two special vehicles and escort them out of battle. the fourth scenario is called domination which includes the 256 players-haven't played it much and can't really describe it, but there are a lot of objectives in it (i think it's A through I)

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