This is the newest DLC from Zipper entertainment. It is going to be released June 22th at a cost of $10 (USD). This map features a new armor type Extra Heavy Armor and a new vehicle. This pack is also including a new game mode that is named after the title of the DLC. This mode is called Interdiction. The only details known so far are that the factions must fight over different objectives across a map. It will be 64 vs. 64 and each side will have no bunkers but will have APC's each and players can spawn at controlled objectives. There is also going to be 3 new maps Soviet Motorways, Lake Bayano Spur, and Iron Creek Quarry. All of these maps are neutral meaning that any PMC could be fighting on any map at any spot. This mode is made for heavy APC fighting so it would be suitable to wear heavier armor and have a rocket launcher.

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