As of patch 2.02a there are 51 total weapons in MAG, not including equipment such as Grenades or RPG's.

45 Primary Weapons

6 Secondary Weapons


Weapons are broken down into four different branches which can then be broken down further into classes.

Primary WeaponsEdit

For all primary weapons, see Primary Weapon.

Primary Weapons fit into the first weapon slot.

Assault BranchEdit

Close Quarters BranchEdit

Marksman BranchEdit

Heavy BranchEdit

Secondary WeaponsEdit

For all side arms, see Secondary Weapon.

Side arms fit into your secondary weapon slot. You only have the choice between a pistol and a PDW.

Tertiary Weapons Edit

There are a number of gear items and accessories that can be used as weapons.

Escalation DLC WeaponsEdit

Main article: Beta Weapons

August 19, 2010, Zipper announced a set of new Assault Rifles, Medium Machine Guns, and Sniper Rifles that will also be a part of the Beta program.


Main article: Kills


Main article: Attachment

Attachments are any piece of equipment that is added to a weapon to change its functionality. This includes sights, underbarrel, and firepoint equipment.


Name Type Faction Damage DPS Rate Of Fire Reload Time Capacity
KP7 PDW Raven 19 237 750 2.25 sec 20
Kurtis 45ACP PDW S.V.E.R. 21 221 632 2.5 sec 13
Hollis MP PDW Valor 20 235 705 2.25 sec 15
F57 Pistol Raven 48 177 222 2 sec 20
IZ-443 Pistol S.V.E.R. 52 162 187 2 sec 17
M9 Pistol Valor 50 166 200 2 sec 15

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